Severi Saarinen

  • Born january 9, 1984 in Lahti, Finland. Now living in Helsinki, Finland.
  • I started studying acting in theatre school in the city of Lahti 2005. After spending one year in Lahti I moved to Helsinki 2006 and 2007 I got in to the Theatre Academy of Finland.
  • Since 2008 I have been working in professional theatres in Finland and in 2011 I got to do my first movie role. 2012 I had my Master of Arts degree from the Theatre Academy of Finland and gratuated.
  • I am grateful that I have been given a change to work in various different plays on the stage. Comedy, drama, farce, monolog - you name it. But most of all I have been doing musicals from Sondheim to Hip Hop. Love those.
  • Also what comes to the camera acting I'm glad that I have been given a change to do tv-series, movies, short movies and entertainment. Yet I still feel that this is just the beginning and I am thirsty for more.
  • So, my special skills are in music and in sports. I have been able to link these skills to my acting in many ways. And because I have s strong past in sports it obviosly shows in my physics also.
  • At my freetime I like to go outside for long walks and listen to music. It gives me time and space to think and process life.
  • I beliveve that I can get better every day as an actor and as an human being. Learn more about this world that we are living in so that I can do my job as good as possible. Be the mirror that actor is supposed to be.
  • Yours, Seve.